Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Drunk

A drunk feels smug

As he sips from a mug

For him beer has become a drug

* Which has turned his mind to murk

Let the drunk spend time with his beer

You'll soon hear him say he fought a bear

Who at his end shed a tear

And whose skin he stripped bare

Give the drunk more of his drug

And he'll begin to mutter

Fighting hard not to stutter

Over secrets he must not utter

As he slurps and hugs his mug

Unconsiously he'll be hunched and stare at the rug

Wondering if his insides have been wrung

And why his life has gone wrong

He'll get his keys ready to drive

Frowning as stars in his eyes arrive

He'll think of a toast and look to the coast

Lastly hearing the laughter of long dead ghosts.

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