Monday, November 15, 2010

My Son Has Learnt to Say NO...

Yay!!! My son's vocabulary is expanding...after been called Daddy for so long, he started to say Mammy or AFI (pronounced really sharp and fast like he has to get it out quickly) about 3 months ago.

3 days ago, he began with NO, what joy another word learnt, it's meaning however is translated in several ways.

Bibi, kiss mummy "NO" (although I finally get the kiss when I tell him it simply wont do him any good not to kiss me), Bibi do you want to eat Golden morn "NO" (that I can live with, hunger has a way of doing things), Bibi give me 5 "NO" (and he used to do it so willingly too). Bibi do you feel sleepy and he says "NO" so vehemently, I'm shocked he falls asleep 30 mins after.

So I'm beginning to get a lil confused with NO, NO all the time especially when it's said with a nod that looks like Yes to me and when I think its really Yes he means and not NO he runs off, so that's an Obvious NO isn't it?

I must now teach him the "YES" word which he seems to find amusing, why on earth he'd find the word amusing beats my imagination honestly.

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