Sunday, December 12, 2010

When The Phone Rings

I pick up a sim and insert into a phone, I punch in numbers and a phone rings, I look at the screen and it reads Dad. Silent tears refusing to fall push to the fore,  my throat becomes dry and I feel a choke...I look at the name and but do not answer I let it ring through or I end the call.

I dial from the phone again and I look to the other, I see Dad again and this time the tears fall silently. I wish I could answer and hear Dad’s voice from the other side asking how I am and telling me how much he loves me.

I do this over and over again and I look at the record on my phone and think to times past when I would see Dad, quickly answer, chat for a few seconds or for long minutes, taking for granted your voice I would always hear or your calls I would receive.

The phone rings again, this time I did not send the call but the phone redials it...even it most know I hold on to the moment never wanting Dad’s call to end.

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