Monday, November 22, 2010

On my way to work this Morning

Where do I begin, I was on my way to work this morning, minding my own business doing my own thing, stuck in a bit of traffic thinking thoughts only I could understand, feeling slightly depressed and generally ruminating over thoughts that kept floating by.

Then suddenly Wham!!! I saw the impossible, blinked twice and waited to see it again and then there it was again not a terrible illusion my brain decided to call up, it was the most irresponsible, absolutely stupid, terribly shocking sight I had ever seen.
Before the grand revelation of what I saw, I must add that it was cheeky and absolutely reckless.

Well this man driving a Mercedes ml 320 jeep, while driving had a magazine folded over his steering wheel and was reading not with divided attention (ok maybe he was pretending to be concentrating) but with his windows wound up and with the Ac on. He wasn’t aware when traffic moved and he had to be horned down before he moved.

As usual nobody could be bothered to get down and beat the daylights out of him which is what I felt like doing; they just threw insults at a man who had not regard for anyone or himself. So since Im gifted in certain areas I look at him and will him to look my way, which in a few seconds he did then I give him the look, which is meant to totally tell him I think he is a jackass and hope his car stalls so that in the naija way we can say e rush e and give him massive beating which I would instigate.

Well this middle aged irresponsible man not only smiles but winks at me, you can imagine how enraged I became...with the intention of wiping the smug smile from his face, I make a show of writing down his plate numbers...its JZ 934 AAA. That definitely got his attention because he put the magazine on the seat where it should have been and then I gave him the finger.

For those of you who must think how this happened in traffic, don’t worry it didn’t all happen at once.

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