Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year . . .A New Beginning

Its. . .the last rising and setting of the Sun, the last twinkling of the stars . . .the last appearance of the Moon . . .the last chirping of birds, in the very last day of the year . . .its simply awesome . . .its a transition that lacks words but gives you a heart of gratitude as the ushering into a brand new year commences.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I miss the Christmases of innocence and magical things, of cold and trees hanging with sweets and chocolates, of meals planned a week or two before, of Santa who was Dad, of cakes, and the smell of fried chicken. I miss the Christmas of carols and the race to the tree on the struck of 12. I miss all that we knew it would be and the surprises that were sure to come. I miss all that the season offered and I definitely miss being a child.  

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Egg Monster . . .Help!!!

Suddenly, We are nolonger safe . . .

My 2 year old son who will turn 3 on Monday has suddenly acquired the taste for eating eggs. I almost thought he was going to become a natural veggie since he had rejected everything so far; meat, fish and eggs . . .ok he loves milk, but I think that's just reminiscent of the one he cant suckle anymore. So I tried everything Omellete's, Scrambled Sunnyside up and even my own concoction with butter, milk and a lot of seasoning, I only ended up hearing a loud No! and his sisters sighing in satisfaction as they gobbled his meal.

Now I wasn't sure if I should be worried or just see how it would play out. But my son and youngest brother are two peas from the same pod see and I grew up catering to the demands of my brothers need to eat 3 eggs for breakfast lunch and supper. It just had to be 3 eggs each time. And this is how it would go:

"Afi or whoever, go and buy me three eggs" and God help whoever was ordered to get three eggs not to get them. So he would stand in the kitchen ensuring the eggs were beaten, fried and served without anything happening in between. And that's what he would eat, 3 eggs no more no less, per meal, 9 eggs everyday, and we didn't own a poultry.

So of course I expected my son would tow the same line since he seemed to naturally do what my brother did when he was young, but no he didnt want eggs. odd most odd.  So recently I tried again and eh! he ate the eggs and he wasnt even threatened. Then I began to set aside an egg for him anytime it was part of a meal . . .yep thankfully just one, he didnt make any demands.

Then yesterday I decided to add more dry pepper and spices then I usually added to their eggs just to pep it up a bit more and wahala! I unleashed the egg monster. He ate his . . .ate both his older sisters after he had cried loud enough for them to give in. Came to me and asked for more, when I gave him the first time, he actually said I had given him too little, I gave him the eye and he left. He came the second time and I still indulged him, the third time I saw him heading for the kitchen, I locked the door and threw my egg into my mouth . . .haba! the boy was going to eat 5 eggs at this rate.

When I thought all had been forgotten with yesterdays meal, he woke up this morning rejected his regular meal of golden morn and declared loudly he wanted to eat egg. Then I knew 2 peas from the same pod are exactly what they are . . .similar in everyway. Till he's 5 I need to start keeping a poultry.