Sunday, September 8, 2013

My E-card

So I just got my e-card and I like it a lot. Contact number not for creepy people.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

FaceBook Addict

Stoke my embers so my fire may light 
Ignite it so it may burn bright. 
Within your pages my life has found meaning 
And I have an audience for stories I wish to tell 
And fingers for words I conjure. 
Stoke these embers as comments or likes 
For without thee my fire has no light 
And my day lies like ashes cold and grey.

Stoke my embers

And ignite a bright blue burning flame
So I may tell you all that I lay claim
Secrets, triumphs, dealings and all
Let me bare my soul 
within the frame a status update allows.

Stoke these embers

Let my fire roar
As I think of words true or untrue
For the comments and likes that I know will rain down like hail
And when none cometh, in passing minutes and then hours
I know it is my wit that faileth.

So stoke these embers

So I may tell lots of tales, some of them really tall tales 
And keep brotherhood 
With those whose faces are sometimes abstract 
Or presented with none that is thine.

Stoke, stoke, stoke

That I may not die
I'm betrothed to thee.
And if within your pages I do not find fulfillment,
Nobody else will.

(Ok this last part is totally silly, I know. The entire thing is silly, I know that too).