Friday, November 2, 2012

Spotting Miss Trunchbull

Feeling totally exasperated and with a mounting dark mood after accomplishing only one of two tasks and thinking of the possibility of having to do a return trip all because our dear Government came up with this brilliant plan to ban Okada's, I did not give up on my trek but branched to refuel so I could live to trek again.

I walked into my favourite joint which should actually be avoided for health reasons, but which I walked into nonetheless today. Placed my usual order ' A Colonel's Meal Please.' I think its just adequate and not too filling, I still get off with the feeling there's still hope for my diet with this order.

Im beginning to tap my fingers, the chips which should have taken 4 minutes to arrive is stuck in traffic. That's odd I like KFC for their professionalism, I like to think there's a standard manual for service they must all abide by. This branch obviously werent schooled in Customer Service and Fast Serving.

A woman walks in, she's tall, not huge but big and easily dwarfs me. She orders 2 bowls of rice, 1 pack of french fries, 6 pieces of chicken and one bottle of water. It's an eat in order and it's obviously for 2 or 3 people. I stare eeked her order is been put together before mine, not funny at all. The service guy who took my order maybe seeing the look on my face, gets mine ready. I leave, not waiting to the usual confirmation of an order.

The woman sits opposite from me, she has everything on her tray. Then she starts with one bowl of rice and is soon done. A chicken goes next and then I look to the door to see if the person she was waiting for was coming in. Her body language seemed to say that much. Then the chips went next and at that point, I decided I had to sit through this to see what exactly would happen to all that food.

Yep. She finished it all up and at that point I began to wonder how she pulled it off. I mean there has to be some sort of bell that goes off in one's head when food is being gobbled isn't it? So she gets up and leaves and she's suddenly become way bigger than she looked before and all I could think of was ALL THAT FOOD ONLY FOR ONE PERSON HABA!

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  1. loooolll!!!!

    You mean she ate it all by herself? Chai!