Friday, November 2, 2012

Ah Lagos!

I finally came to the conclusion based on first hand experience today the the Lagos State Government didn't really think through the implications of the ban on motorcycles aka Okada's.

As i tried to get from one end of Victoria Island to the other today, staring at the emptiness of zipping 2 wheeled previously considered menaces, I muttered unwholesome expletives under my breathe when a kind gentleman pointed out that going around the Island was nigh impossible without a car.

So it boils down to the fact that our dear Governor did not take into consideration the fact that some areas on the Island don't really have bus routes and the main mode of transportation were these bikes who now scuttle about like frightened mice.

We can all joke with the fact that the trekking we now experience, is some form of exercise, I totally agree, I felt the calories burn as I walked the strip of Akin Adesola only to branch off on Adeola Odeku when I spotted that Finger licking joint.

Sigh! An enjoyable zip and weave through traffic and having the hair on my neck rise just as we manage to maneuver out of a close shave is now history, but at what cost? Yes Okada's should be controlled, curtailed, nipped whatever it will take to bring order and discipline to their lot, but to have them off streets where they are truly needed isn't and hasn't been an obviously well thought out plan.

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