Sunday, November 11, 2012

3 Years already . . .

Dear Dad,

We'll be marking the 3rd year since you physically left tomorrow. Some people say "smile he has gone to a better place and he is still with you." Maybe in another 50 years if I'm still around, I'll finally accept this but right now as each day passes, when a memory is triggered, all I can think of is how it could have happened.

How and why were you taken so soon is something I'm still bothered about, you were in my book, the very best of my world and you can't and won't be replaced.

So I hope you're good and when you take time to look down at us, your thoughts are that you bred a fine bunch of children and you have grand children who still know and say you love them.

In the time you've been absent, there are times I feel you'll be behind me if I just look back, or times I feel I can hear you whistle a tune you particularly loved. These times are precious, I know for certain you're not too far away. But on days when I'd like to share my worries, my victories or some moment I feel only you would be the best recipient of the words I'd like to utter, at moments like that, nothing makes up for the fact that your smile will only be conjured in my imagination and your voice listened to in my head.

I miss you dad, 3 years down hasn't made it any less painful that your gone.

Rest in Peace.  

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