Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Her Royal Crankiness

Its about that time of the month again; the familiar irritation, slight frown and dark mood has set in. Funny isn't it that's what heralds the presence of the red robots. For some women, its preceded by cramps, for others an outbreak of pimples. Other symptoms include: soreness of the breasts, throwing up and that utter scary disbelief you might be preggy especially when you think you've been careful. 

When I was younger, and oh so innocent it was a one or two hour tummy ache. That was all and panadol when it was nice and plain not the variants we have now, worked wonders. So maybe its age induced or the fact that because I've taken medical precautions to ensure a tumble in the hay doesn't result in another 9 month swelling, thereby translating into another grinning till your face aches bundle of JOY. Three bundles turned loving Monsters is enough thank you. So maybe that's what's happening to me the mild irritation knowing I don't have to mark my calender, I'm not bothered if I'm late...not that I know when I am. So I must see these monthly visitors as an intrusion isn't it...amazing what we humans come to think as buggers.

In secondary school my best friend and bunk-mate, absolutely loved her monthly, counted the days to it and was just abnormally excited when it came. I'd stare at her just wondering what she found delightful about the next couple of days while her Nile flowed. I only experienced that Joy when I was at that stage when missing it spelt being sent out of home to sleep under the bridge, but then we wisened up I think.

Its here again, it hasn't been heralded by cramps or little droplets which escape unattended to, its been noticed because my mood has changed and then I remember...Oh its here again, that slight inconvenience I often wonder just why we were chosen to be stuck with...why wasn't it something else? But then we cant question these deep time unchanging facts can we? Thankfully this compulsory visitor is just here for two moons and a quarter and then my mood improves eventually.


  1. Red robots? What a unique description! Your writing voice is unusual and fun.

  2. This is an interesting text about a subject that is not usually given literary status. But I don't see the connection to anything romantic. It seems almost clinical.
    But I agree with Ruth Madison. You have some unique description here.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's Romantic Friday No 13 - 'Voices'

  3. Er...I don't think I'm in a position to comment.

    My entry for Romantic Friday Writers is here:
    Your Melodious Voice

  4. LOL poor Andy came looking for romance...
    Fortunately, I seldom suffered from mood swings, so it was never a big deal. But I really feel for those who do!

  5. Im so sorry peeps...I hadn't gotten a grip of the group when I posted the link, I thought it was to join *embarrassed*...will start with Fridays challenge...