Sunday, July 3, 2011

Politics and Intrigues

I recently became the Assistant Secretary General for my school Alumni, for one who had always worked on one committee or the other and has always been active, the politics and intrigues I have witnessed in the last one month is intriguing.

I will use you dear blog to let off steam, become refreshed and then go back to work.

This all started with a court injunction from a particular set. Ha! an injunction...what could they possibly hope to gain from it? Three months after the injunction we get new executives sworn in, well only one position had to be voted for--mine--so I won.

The President despite my initial fear is totally committed to the Alumni but we see factions in form of Chapters begin to bicker, issues spring up, some are resolved. some simply let go. Then comes the financial play that must have been manipulated before and had popped up again.

The financial report is written and mailed. I read mine two days after its sent. First thing that jumps out is a N100,000 overcharge...where is it? And for crying out loud why did I have to notice...

I finally get angry yesterday...Mr Know it All keeps posting stuff I had been ignoring the last one...well that was it for...I was livid...and humbly sent my reply, like he humbly stated he posted his.

I hope Ive coded this well enough and if I haven't...well Dear Blog its just You and Me.

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