Saturday, June 9, 2012

Books and more

I liken Book reviews to the story of the 3 blind men and the elephant. 3 men were brought before an Elephant, stood on different sides and had 3 different reports to give about what they felt they had touched.

That's just like a book, the book being the Elephant and each reader a potential blind man. A book with this illustration, is even worse when it comes to expressing opinions. Readers come from different backgrounds, think differently and so will have different opinions. What's amusing however is the different opinions that could be generated from one single book.

I love reviews really. Its a peek into another person's mind. Some reviews leave you excited, some leave you wondering. Some will take you looking for the closest book store, some leave you wishing you shouldn't have bought the book.

At the end of it all, a review is that which it is; one person's opinion and thoughts on what has been read.

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