Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Daughters and I

And there I am constantly beating myself over the big blob of fat in my mid section that passes for a tummy. After 3 kids you'd think I should have resigned myself or at least ignored, or maybe hidden behind the fact that it could pass off as the Nigerian evidence of child birth. But no its been one Chinese tea after the other and starving myself till I get a headache, all in the bid to look 16 again.

Recently, while I was spending quality time with the girls, I was suddenly struck or punched right in the tummy I abhor. When I suddenly noticed that while Kela is all slim, trim, flat tummy-ed and model like, Tounye is slim, trim, will sadly not be a model, with a rotund tummy.

Halleluyah, I just confirmed what a friend of mine once said was totally impossible, being big bellied was somewhere in our genetic makeup I mean that's the only explanation for a lil girls tummy looking somewhat like her momma's, Right? I looked down at my tummy with new eyes from then on as a gift from my dad's line, as a genetic makeup I could not have avoided if I wanted too.

Its given me a reason to avoid hoping I'd meet Dr. Ray someday or maybe Ms. Ozolua. Goes to show what our minds will accept when we give it a chance to translate ordinary things.

Now where's that cup of Chinese tea ;-)

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